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Loading Dock Rules & Regulations
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Loading Dock Rules & Regulations
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  1. Loading dock hours are 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. The loading dock is not open on the Weekends or Holidays. The loading dock door will be closed outside these hours and no deliveries will be allowed without prior coordination with Paramount Group’s (PGI) Management Office. All requests can be made to PGI by calling 202-737-0603 and/or emailing
  2. No delivery can block the entrance to the loading dock or the garage drive aisle.
  3. All deliveries must be scheduled with PGI’s Management Office. If there are deliveries that you anticipate receiving on a regular basis, an on-going list of the vendors should be provided. This list should be updated as needed. If a vendor who is not on the list arrives, the entity that they are delivering to will be contacted by the Dock master for authorization to allow entry. Should authorization not be obtained, the vendor will be turned away.
  4. Major deliveries need to be scheduled in advance for either prior to or after regular dock hours.
  5. No items should be stored in the loading dock. All deliveries must be taken directly from the truck into the area they are to be stored. Any items left in the loading dock are subjected to being disposed of.
  6. All trash stored in the loading dock should be stored neatly in the appropriate container. No trash should be replaced around any of the containers.

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