About Liberty Place
Operating Instructions

Welcome to Liberty Place!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our goal is to provide world class service in maintaining a building that is clean, comfortable and secure for all Tenants at this building. At any time if it is not, we encourage you to inform us by contacting us at (202) 737-0603.

This Handbook has been developed for several purposes: To guide you through the building, briefly describing many aspects of the building and its systems; and to provide information regarding building hours, deliveries, mail service, move-in/out procedures, billing procedures, security and immediate area amenities.

We hope the information within this Handbook will help to address questions you may have like “who does what?” or “where do I go for that?” and, as a result, make your stay at the building a bit easier. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a building related question or concern, or to make suggestions on how we can make the environment better for you. Our door is always open!

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